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This organically based fertilizer is derived from all plant substances. This provides a low oder, high quality organically based fertilizer substitute for the common animal byproducts fertilizers such as homogenized fish and poulrty, swine and cattle manure . Fame 2-2-1 provides a strong foundation of all the major plant nutrients including Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassum. It also provides plants with a full supply of essencial plant proteins and amino acids to facilitate in improved plant health by boosting natural plant cycles which result in the more efficient use of avaliable nutrients.  

Fame 2-2-1 Organic Based Garden Fertilizer 4 Gal X 1 Box

  • Each 1 gallon container weights approximately 10.1 pounds. Each box of 4 gallon containers weights approximately 41.7 pounds

  • Freight costs will be added to the total cost of purchase. Each order will be shipped via the most ecconomical option. 

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